October 2, 2012

We just came back from a week at Mount Hotham snowboarding with the family last week along with another family the Rivalands and had an absolute blast. What a great family to go on holidays with!!

I had forgotten how good spring riding can be. We have been very fortunate to get up there a bit this year due the kind generosity of my sister Danni and Spurta. To anyone who snowboards out there if you aren’t on a Lib Tech board with banana magnatraction, do yourself a favour and get one. There is no comparrison to previous board technology. In the words of the Bear “It’s the lemon next to the pie.”

So back in the studio I go. Working on plenty of new projects as the new transition continues. Finding a new direction is pretty full on. Its great because you are truly being an artist just mucking about in the studio experimenting. Its also a bit daunting not having the clear direction that we have been so used to over the last 5 years. Then there is the finacial bridge to cross whilst one is in this phase. You need a foot in one camp whilst you step forward into the next to keep the sales coming in until you are truly ready to launch a brand new show with rock solid confidence.

So the ideas I previously had at Vipassana are being realised, with more work to go but I have started the work. I have attached some of the new pieces in this blog so you can see where I am heading. My father was a butcher so I have some strong images in my mind wandering around his factory as a kid which I am beggining to explore. Also printing up some old favourite tee prints that I did years ago and turning them into art pieces.

I painted today rather than screen printing which was exciting. I am starting with a strong influence from Adam Cullen and also the way my mother paints. You have to start somewhere. I have long way to go but the time feels right to paint. I will keep working on these directions and see where it leads.