Back to full fitness

September 3, 2012

Well it has been  frustrating year between my ankle reconstruction, finally getting back in the water only to over do it and get plantar fasciitis which is a tear in the ligaments in the base of my foot and then a crappy cold for two weeks. So after a couple of trips to Hotham snowboarding which were both unreal I am finally ready to get back in the water which I did this morning feeling pretty bloody rusty, but back never the less.

I do not have an exhibition lined up doestically right now although the international art fairs keep on rolling and I am due to deliver more work to Arteria Gallery shortly for the international art fairs. Its been a good time to slow down and create and I am pretty excited about whats coming up on a creative front. We were averaging a show every 6 weeks at for our first four years and it eventually takes its toll and you need to slow down.

The market is still slow with an economy that is far from convincing anyone, but the sales seem to keep ticking over just when you need them to. Its time to prepare for the next assault on the art market with all new art and raise the bar on both a solo level and with the Doug Bartlett art. Watch this space.