Artist’s Statement

Nick Morris art studio

My art is the Australia that I grew up in and live in.

It’s all the images that are indelibly stamped in my mind. I feel fortunate to have been born in this country and my art is testament to that and all the other great international influences that we are exposed to. The unique culture of Australian muscle cars and the bogan culture that so often revolves around it. The beautiful form of the female even when it is thrown into that bogan culture, is still the same beautiful form that adornes the highest of levels of society. Our obsession with celebrities, their personal lives and the bizarre headlines designed to capture our attention in the media. Throw in the word nude, sex or confessions and it is sure to create excitement with a story that rarely lives up to the hype of the headline. Advertising seems to follow suit and the more conscious we become of ads of the past, they seem to be so naïve and ridiculous. It’s entertaining to think that our ego’s bought those campaigns hook, line and sinker.

I choose not be cynical but focus on what’s great about our unique culture and it is truly unique. It’s a culture that doesn’t need to take itself too seriously and can willingly take the piss out of itself. At times it can be silly, even ludicrous, but it is what we have grown up with and been exposed to over the journey so it seems all so normal.