Darwin Festival

July 23, 2013

With our exhibition coming up at the Darwin Festival at the Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts on August 15 till 19 its been all hands on deck. Both on a solo front and collaborative front its been a very interesting time developing our new styles. I must admit its taken longer than I thought to do so but I’m really excited with the results.

There was a driving desire to start working with contemporary images and yet maintain our handwritting that has been so successful for us and also comes very naturally creatively. So with a combination of my own photos and found imagery we have been hard at it. Once again there seems to be a strong urban sense to the work. There is power in this for us with our upbringing on the urban fringe plus what is happening all around us in Torquay and ten minutes away on the drive into Geelong at Warralily and Armstrong Creek. The urban march continues.

Cant wait to exhibit the new art!