Darwin Wash Up

September 27, 2013Darwin-Panorama

Well the Darwin Festival show was a shattering disapointment. It was just one of those shows where very few people turned up. For all of our hard work, between being at the end of a Festival that had run for a number of weeks and the fact that the mining companies have booked out all of the hotels meaning no tourists.

It really hit me hard as I was expecting that show to finance the remainder of my trip out to the East Kimberely coast and down to the desert and pay for our families general existance. The sad part was that it was probably one of best shows ever.

The financial issue weighed on me so much that I have done a self portrait for Doug Moran expressing those emotions and the helplessness of being up there and not being able to do anything about the situation. More on that in coming weeks. Things have improved since then picking up sales since my return. ‘Birds of the forest’ as my good friend and collaborative artist David Bowers says. If you want to be an artist this is what you must be prepared to do as you work towards true success.

From there things only get better as Kevin Kelly who worked with us on the show was to take us on one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on.