Doug Moran prize entry

March 27, 2012

So my ‘Aisle 3’ painting will go into the Doug Moran prize. With a far more open minded panel of judges this will hopefully be a better fit.

With our Doug Bartlett entry in 2010 we were knocked back by the ArchibaldĀ  to become a finalist in the Doug Moran which is worth 3 times the prize money at $150,000. That would sure come in handy!! Maldives here we come! As the good Tony Robbins says the more rejection you get the more success you can expect if you stick with it. That is unless you are one of those poor delusional souls on Australian Idol or similar shows that have no talent in their chosen field.

I am still on crutches unfortuneately as my wound has not healed as well as it should have. This is a real blow as I still can’t get any art done. Bloody frustrating. It has been a long 4 weeks and far more hardcore than I could have imagined still feeling a fair bit of discomfort.

I guess the positive is that I cant wait to get painting again. Bursting with ideas!