Wynne Prize Entry

February 28, 2012

So with the Archibald all packed up next was my Wynne prize and it was going with the courier also. There are three prizes connected to the Archibald. They are the Archibald portrait prize, The Wynne landscape prize and the Sulman genre painting prize.

This painting could could have fitted the Wynne or Sulman but seemed better suited to the Wynne.

It is an extension of the recent piece OHV with more elements added from my photoshoot on Friday afternnoon. I am super excited about the direction of this piece and look forward to really immersing myself in this style.

It is so much of my childhood with the mass production of houses in the new estates. The farms being taken over by urban sprawl. The long grass right next to the estates, with a lone animal or two soon to be shipped off to be replaced by more suburbia. The hot barren landscape with little or no trees and prickles bushes creeping into the padocks as the farmer has no reason for up keep on his property as it’s destiny is set.

In many estates the towers of power stand as symbol of where man has come from and where he is going into the distance disapearing in perspective. As a kid they were like robot guardians making sure that this new urban sprawl has all the energy it needs to thrive and grow. They also continue on to infinity.Where will it end?

I am super stoked with both my entries and from here it is up to the powers that be, so i’ll keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.