Invest in art

April 21, 2016

Art investment has always been a store of value and a vehicle for capital appreciation. What was once the sole domain of the wealthy, art collecting is now a lucrative investment opportunity open to virtually anyone. With both Nick Morris solo work and Doug Bartlett work having almost tripled in prices in 7 months this is a ground floor art investment opportunity as the prices continue to increase.

Investing in Upcoming Artists for profit

Australian art has developed into a significant and growing industry. In recent years investors in the art market have profited from a long period of sustained growth confirming its place as a compelling alternative to traditional investments. With the evermore frequent sales and reports of record prices, art has attracted an increasing number of new collectors — most with an investment strategy. With the street/pop art world exploding, particallarly with a younger audience, the likes of artists such as Banksy and Faile from the USA recording sales of up to $450,000, the time is right to invest in emerging artists such as Nick Morris and Doug Bartlett.

Invest for Visual Enjoyment

Unlike other collectables, you can enjoy art every day without reducing its value. Infact art has the unique and enduring benefit of potential appreciation in value as it hangs on your wall. A “buy and hold” strategy, long regarded as a key to successful wealth creation, is easy when the “holding” part of the strategy is so rewarding.

As a collector of Australian art, you are also participating in the building of Australian culture. This has unquantifiable rewards.

Invest for Diversification

Unlike property and shares, quality art is largely insulated from the volatility of investment markets providing vital diversification when markets are falling. The art market is considerably less volatile and is less sensitive to economic crises and geopolitical events than other assets. Compared to many alternative investments, art also involves low transaction and holding costs.

The strength of art as a wealth creating vehicle over a medium to long term can also make an excellent addition to any investment portfolio.