Archibald and Sulman paintings in the studio

February 26, 2012

With Wednesday closing in for surgery I really need to get my Archibald and Sulman prize paintings completed. They will be picked up by courier Tusday arvo so lots to get done. I have also been ofered to put art up at hogan Gallery in Smith Street Collingwood as they have had a cancellation and I have enough art to fill the space, so I need to get all the art down to them as well.

It’s been a busy weekend trying to complete everything. I tried to squeeze a surf in but lucked out with the changing conditions, not to mention the ridiculous crowds that now invade this part of the world on a regular basis. It’s a bummer not to get a surf as I wont be able to have one for several months after my surgery. I have a photo here of the two paintings in the studio. The Sulman prize pinting which is a genre prize is on the easel with the Archibald on the table still under way.

I have done the Sulman piece based on the Urban Sprawl painting that I recently sold on a bigger canvas with new added elements. I am really excited about the direction of this new art and will continue to follow through on this theme. I went taking photos locally on Friday for more elements and my ideas were expanding by the minute.

Perhaps you can make out my Archibald painting and theme. Almost able to tell all.

Off to bed to finish up all the art tomorrow.